Monday, December 30, 2013

Seagate GoFlex Ultra-Portable

The GoFlex portable line of hard drives is still available, and tried and true, even if it's technically been replaced by Seagate's newer Slim Portable and Backup Plus line of portable drives. However, the GoFlex portable series earned your and reviewers' praise for being reliable, relatively rugged, and flexible. The drive comes with features you would expect from an external drive, including built-in software that performs automatic backups when connected or at regular intervals, encryption software to keep your data secure and safe from prying eyes if it's lost or stolen, and so on. When paired with their USB dock, the portable GoFlex becomes a powerful desktop drive with storage and health indicators on the exterior, and what was a portable USB 2.0 drive can suddenly become a USB 3.0, eSATA, or Firewire drive for faster data transfer. Those of you who praised the GoFlex Ultra-Portable line hihglighted its flexibility and its port options, which let you connect it to virtually any computer you come across using the best possible connection method. Even though the Super Slim series is the new iteration of the line, the GoFlex Ultra-Portable is still available from third parties like Amazon in multiple sizes and colors ranging from around $100 for 500GB (USB 3.0) and $54 for 500GB (USB 2.0) and up for 750GB and 1TB versions, and even larger capacities in the form of the GoFlex Desk, which sports many of the same modular features. Upgrade cables for the interface are available direct or as add-on items from Amazon.

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